Monday, April 9, 2018

Using Productivity Apps to Better Your Business

Using an App to Organize Your Business
Smartphones and the mobile applications that come with have become a huge part of our lives! As a consumer, you already use apps to pay, play, and purchase, but have you thought about how you can benefit from using productivity apps at work?

Simplifying Your Process
With FlatZap, you can capture images by location and store them in the folders created automatically once a photo is taken. You can easily share the photos with your team – no more plugging your phone into a computer, or emailing photos back and forth. Let FlatZap simplify your photo taking and sharing process!

More Organization Can Lead to Better Business
Using a productivity app can become a game changer, especially if you choose one that meets your business goals and needs. There are hundreds of free apps for your smartphone, but not all of them are useful. When it comes to the success and productivity of your team, don’t take any shortcuts! FlatZap uses our proprietary system of image intelligence to bring order to your image gathering needs. Loved by customers around the globe, FlatZap has made image management by location easy.

Visit our website, and learn how you can use FlatZap for your business!

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